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April 5, 2019
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April 3, 2019


The story

Theo is a modern brasserie. Its young chef offered a menu of Mediterranean classics with contemporary twists and Middle-Eastern influences.

Customers during the day were mainly employees from tech companies in neighboring office buildings; at night, there was an easy-going atmosphere, with an innovative cocktail bar, long dinners, music to create ambience etc.

In total, there were around 240 guests each day. The kitchen had to support the intense activity created by this capacity. We were commissioned to design the restaurant interior.

The solution

We created a neutral look and feel, with the idea of making the interior a stage which presented the food as the star. The color palette was earthy and monochrome, and the building materials and finishes selected were rustic and simple.

Interior design features included simple terracotta tiles used as space partitions. They also featured in a generous bar, used for innovative cocktails, which we designed as a central piece of the brasserie.

The final design was influenced by the menu: a blend of classical French brasserie style with some earthy colors and Middle-Eastern influences, hence the tiles, the abundance of plants and the use of wood in the main shelving system. This last feature was integrated with the serving hatch window to the kitchen.

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Year: 2014
Size: 80sqm
Client: Theo
In collaboration with: Studio PRAKTIK
Photographer: Peled studios